Was permission given by the Physical Planning Authority for the construction of the Project?
Yes, full planning permission was granted by the Physical Planning Division after all required environmental impact studies were conducted and proper engineering and architectural plans were presented, reviewed, and successfully approved.
Who will manage the Project and will be responsible for maintenance?
This project will engage professional management, administrative staff, skilled workers and will be self-managed by the staff of Aries.
Why should I choose an investment into Aries Group Waterwork Project to obtain Dominica Citizenship vs. other available real estate options?
There are many objective reasons for choosing to invest in the Aries Group Waterwork Project. You can gain Dominican Citizenship for Investor or Investor Together with his Family in comparison to other currently available real estate investment options.

1. Shareholders are expected to receive at least 3% or more of annual income dividends for the first three years of the investment period, without waiting for a long return on investment.
2. As the most effective choice for global CBI, it starts from USD $200,000 as a low investment threshold. It facilitates property appreciation, international travel, docking international higher education, family naturalization, etc.
3. No property transfer tax
4. No share registration or share transfer fees
5. No legal fees for property transfer
6. The expected return on investment during the official operation period is more than 5-8%, which is safe and stable with a high rate of return.
7. Option to transfer equity after five years of ownership, with the opportunity to receive a high return on share appreciation.

Moreover, the value of the equity investment is higher than the actual value of ownership, in addition to the fixed annual investment return received by the shareholder. After five years of the investment period, the current equity owner can sell the transferred equity and the transferee can achieve naturalization for the whole family. Starting from the original investment date, it has ensured its original investment value.

As the only non-tourism or property development CBI project in the Caribbean, the investment in this Waterworks Project is the best choice for CBI in the current global market environment hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. It can not only obtain stable and safe high returns but also realize the CBI of the whole family.
How much is the investment amount and what are the associated costs?
Preferred Share in the Project is priced at a minimum approved value of USD 200,000 that is required under the CBI program.
Other costs include government fees, processing fees, due diligence fees, and certificate of naturalization fees.
I decided to invest in the Aries Group Waterwork Project to obtain Dominica Citizenship, how do I proceed?
You will need to initiate contact with an Aries Group-approved agent and then sign the Preferred Share Sales & Purchase Agreement with Aries Group Limited. Then within the next 7 working days, after signing the agreement, proceed with a 10% deposit (from the investment amount that corresponds to USD 20,000). The remaining 90% of the purchase (USD 180,000) price of Preferred Share will need to be transferred only after your Citizenship by Investment application is approved by the Government of Dominica and when you have received the Comfort Letter from the Government as confirmation.
How many family members can be included in under-investment?
The investor (main applicant) can add his/her spouse and all of his/her children who are up to 30 years old and who are dependent on and living with the Investor.
The investor may also include his own or his spouse's parents who are 55 years and older and fully dependent on the Investor.

In July 2020, the CBI regulations were amended to allow siblings of the main applicants and his/her spouse to become eligible as dependants and thereby qualify to obtain Dominica citizenship through the program.
As such, biological or legally adopted siblings ages 18 to 25, single, childless of the main applicant, and or of his/her spouse can be included as dependants in an application. The sibling(s) must be substantially supported by the main applicant and or his/her spouse.
How much dividend can I expect to receive after holding my Preferred Share for 5 years?
Shareholders are expected to receive at least 3% or more of annual income dividends for the first three years of the investment period, without waiting for a long return on investment. Moreover, the Waterworks Project is expected to be constructed over 36 months, and operating dividends will be paid from the first year of operations. This means that after 5 years of holding your Preferred Share, the Waterwork Project will be in its second year of operations. With an expected return of 5% per Preferred Share per year, you will generate an estimated $38,000 in total dividends or $10,000 for each of the two years of operation.
How long am I required by law to hold an Investment in Preferred Share?
The minimum holding period is fixed by law.

Your Preferred Share can be resold after 5 years to a new investor who will qualify to apply for Dominican Citizenship under the Citizenship by Investment Program, while also retaining your Dominican Citizenship.
Are there any maintenance costs I will need to pay during the holding period?
No. Investors will not be required to pay any maintenance costs or utilities. It is a 100% worry-free investment.
What taxes are applicable over the holding period of the share?
There are no taxes applicable. There are no taxes for global income accumulated outside of Dominica. There is no capital gains tax. Furthermore, all dividends earned by investors from the Waterworks Project are tax exempted for 10 years.
Is there estate duty or annual property tax on this investment?
No estate duty or annual property tax on this investment is necessary.
Will you refund my payment if I change my mind during the application process or if the application is rejected?
You will only be required to transfer the remaining 90% of the purchase price of your Preferred Share in the Waterwork Project after having been approved for Dominican Citizenship. In the event of a change of mind or your application being rejected based on the results of due diligence, the initial 10% deposit of Preferred Share is not refundable.
In what currency, do I transfer Investment and Government fees?
All Government fees and investment amounts are fixed in USD. You may however transfer your investment in USD, Euros, or GBP. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding payment in other international currencies. The exchange rate for payments in currencies other than USD will be provided upon request. Any additional fees in other currencies shall be borne by Investor.
Why should I choose the Real Estate Option of Dominica Citizenship by Investment as opposed to the Government Donation Option?
The Real Estate Option is an investment in a Preferred Share of Aries Group Waterwork Project. This Preferred Share may be resold after 5 years thereby allowing you to get a return on your investment, which makes your effective total investment significantly lower than the Donation Option. Additionally, once construction is completed, dividends will be paid to the investor annually from the Project's operations.

On the other hand, the Government Donation is deposited into a fund held by the Government for the country’s economic development. This option does not offer the possibility of receiving dividends or the return on your investment.

The Real Estate Option is thus an investment opportunity that allows Investors to generate dividend income as well as obtain a return on their investment after 5 years of holding period while retaining their Dominican Citizenship which can be passed on to generations.
What is the time frame to obtain Dominica Citizenship by Investing in Aries Group Waterwork Project?
The whole process usually takes about 2-3 months. Typical approval of application time is within 3-5 weeks.
Do I need to pass an English test or are there any other language requirements?
No, there is no language requirement.
Who is considered dependant on the Dominica Citizenship by Investment application?
• Spouse of the main applicant;
• Child under eighteen (18) years of age of the main applicant or his or her spouse;
• Child of the main applicant or his or her spouse between eighteen (18) and thirty (30) who is in full-time attendance at a recognized institution of higher learning after his or her eighteenth birthday and fully supported by the main applicant;
• Unmarried daughter of the main applicant who is up to thirty (30) years of age and is living with and fully supported by the main applicant;
• Child of the main applicant or spouse of the main applicant who is above the age of eighteen (18) years and physically or mentally challenged and who is fully supported by the main applicant;
• Parents or grandparents of the main applicant or his or her spouse above the age of fifty-five (55) years living with and fully supported by the main applicant;
Where a parent or grandparent is fifty-five (55) years old, but his or her spouse is aged less than fifty-five (55), both the parent or grandparent and that parent or grandparent’s spouse will qualify as dependents;

• 'Child' means a biological or legally adopted child of the main applicant, or the spouse of the main applicant
• By “between eighteen (18) and thirty (30)” or “up to thirty (30)” is intended a child who is 30, but not a child who has turned 31.
What is the validity period of Dominica’s passport?
Passports issued to adults are valid for 10 years and to children for 5 years
What Government of Dominica inform my current country of Citizenship about my additional Dominica Citizenship?
No, the Government of Dominica does not make this information publicly available.
Would I need to pay income tax as a citizen of Dominica?
As long as you are not an ordinary resident and do not spend more than 183 days in Dominica and do not receive any income from a source in Dominica (dividend income from the investment in Aries Group Waterwork Project is tax-exempt) – you do not need to file or pay income tax in Dominica.
Is there any capital gains tax?
Does Dominica have an inheritance tax?
What major organizations is Dominica part of?
Dominica is a member state of the Organisations of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), the Caricom Community and Single Market, the Organisation of American States (OAS), the International Organisation of La Francophonie, and United Nations (UN), among others.

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