SUSTAINABILITY Water is an essential resource in our everyday life. With up to 10 billion tons of freshwater consumed every day worldwide, we are responsible for conserving the water. ARIES is driven to protect and preserve the environment.


We will extend our effort to support and develop our country both economically and environmentally on the strength of our collaboration with the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica. The Aries water plant currently employs over 100 staffs, comprising a team of experienced and professional scientists and hydrogeologists who take great care of the surrounding community and environment.


All our bottles are made with recycled content. We are committed to protecting our planet and the country of Dominica, with a mission to safeguard the health condition of our planet. By using recycled plastic, we can reduce waste and continue to give back to our mother earth, the planet that has already given so much to humanity.


Sustainability is one of Aries’ core values, and with our eco-friendly attitude, we are committed to protecting
our environment to the best of our abilities.