Hydrate anywhere on the go with Titou Water. Water helps enhance your physical performance and boost your energy levels. With Titou Water, it will be right by your side as you achieve your performance goals. You can quench your thirst whenever and wherever you are, all while experiencing water as it should be. Titou Water is named after the Titou Gorge and River. The gorge is created by two natural hot springs and lies beautifully in the heart of Dominica.
Some natural substances, such as chloride and salt, can be found inside the unprocessed water that can affect its taste. Distilled carefully in Aries’ water plants in Dominica, Chaudiere Water ensures their water is cleansed from any impurities, harmful metal, and other substances. From the Aries Water Plant to your own home, this premium line of water is the perfect drink to cleanse your body, remove toxins while quenching your thirst with the highest quality of water the Caribbean can provide. Chaudiere is named after the Chaudiere Pool located in the northern parts of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Stemming from the waters of Dominica’s Hampstead River, the pool embraces nature inside the tropical rainforests of Dominica.
Aries Water comes from the natural beauty of the Commonwealth of Dominica, recognized from all regions of the world. Our world-reowned water plant and pristine water resource is our gift to the world.